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an amazing status bar

Imagine just for a moment, finally you can modify to your liking that boring status bar that comes by default in your brand new smartphone.

Well, stop imagining and make it a reality with Super Status Bar!

With Super Status Bar you can change all that you want in your status bar, even what you never would have thought! To do this you will have plenty of options, all grouped in sections, to change your status bar is easier than ever.

And best of all, you do not need root access!


just awesomeness

Place the items where you want

The status icons to the right and notification icons on the left... right?
Surely you're bored of always seeing everything in the same place, or have one of those OLED screens that burn with blue tones.
But do not worry, with Super Status Bar all that is over!

Now you can place the items in the status bar as you want easily.
Besides, several pressets of items already created, to change the position of your items even faster and easier.

Want to put the clock in the center of the status bar? With Super Status Bar can do it with just 2 clicks!
Want to reverse the layout of your status bar? No Problem!
Do you want to invent your own icon layout? It's easy!

With Super Status Bar just have to think like where you put the items with a few actions as the will think.

Use the items you want

But what if you want to have only those who you really want rather than the system wants you?
We're right! Super Status Bar will make your wishes come true!

Give a minimalist touch to your status bar by removing the items that you want, or add exciting new elements to your status bar looks better than ever!
Also as you know, you can place them wherever and find then you can customize each of them in detail.

Customize any detail

Your status bar, the status bar icons black with blue, or that the manufacturer wanted you to have and how little you like... better change things, no?

Sure you're dying to use different elements bringing these horrible status bar of your new smartphone.
And not content with this, you want to change their colors, their texts or information.

With Super Status Bar all this can be done in a simple way, just choose the item you want to change and customize it!
Changes its colors, fonts, positions, etc. and all in such a simple way that you can not imagine!

Give it more power!

Now you can add backgrounds to your bar or remove it and have it transparent, add colors or photos taken with the camera of your brilliant smartphone. You can also add new elements such as weather temp. or a percentage text of your battery.
But do not think that it is only this, these are just some of the new features that Super Status Bar will add to your boring status bar.
And not just your status bar! Try the notifications panel of Super Status Bar! Now you have toggles for the different services of your smartphone, access to recent apps, improved notifications and much more!

Ah! and I forgot!
Sure you hate having to leave a game to know that you notice is that just arrived!
Well now you never have to stop playing, because Super Status Bar will show ingame information that notification,
giving you option to open it or just ignore it to keep playing!

What are you waiting to discover all that Super Status Bar can bring to your smartphone?

Download it now on


notes and quick tips

I want to thank users and themers who have helped Super Status Bar to be what it is today: the best and most complete customizable status bar for Android.
Without them, Super Status Bar may not have some of its amazing features and not have custom themes.

For me, the user feedback is an important part of any app, and attesting to this thought, is dedicated a whole section in the app itself.
I encourage you to actively use this section to send feedback or bug reports, for other questions, feel free to take a look at the "Help" section of this website.


get lost?

We know that sometimes and especially for new users, the endless options that has Super Status Bar can reach the user dizzy.
But do not worry, we have a whole section to help you!

- Are you a new user of Super Status Bar?
- Already a skilled user but want to discover new things?
- Or do you want to contribute to the community of Super Status Bar?

Whatever your answer, in our user guide find all the answers you need.
And do not forget to take a look at the themes created by our community of users! are truly amazing!