Getting started

for new users


How to start the status bar

The first thing to know is how to start the app correctly, this is very simple, in the action bar on the right will notice two icons: one hand and a slider.
First click on the hand icon and follow the steps to connect to accessibility services for Super Status Bar, then back to the app.
Then click on the slider to make it look like the first picture, you've successfully started Super Status Bar.


How to report bugs and get help

In the app "Feedback" you will find all necessary options to report bugs, search for more information and answer your questions.
As seen in the second picture, the two most important options will help to improve the app and ask about any aspect of the app you do not understand or get an error.
Do not forget to rate the app! from here you can do it easily.


How to get more features

If you want to enjoy and complete the great experience that can provide this app, what you need is to buy the premium version!
When you unlock the premium version will have direct access to 14 themes and many more in the form of downloadable content!
You can also remove those annoying ads that disfigure the app and unlock some unique options.

I want to customize each element!

No problem, with Super Status Bar you can customize each element of the status bar.
In addition you will have a complete "notification panel" completely renovated and customizable.
How are you going to personalize it? Simple, go to "Elements" from the options menu and select the element you want to customize.
Once inside, a simple menu of options will facilitate customization of all aspects of the chosen element.

I want to reposition the elements!

Obviously you'll also be able to do this! and also, in 3 different ways!
All options repositioning of elements found in the "Advanced" in the options menu.
The first and easiest way to change the position of the icons is to choose one of the existing diagrams for the app:

Select "custom layout" and choose the scheme that best suits your needs

The other way to reposition the elements, is using the wizards called MixMyBar, have two assistants, the first MixMyBar Classic:

Check the MixMyBar Classic box and click "Config"
On the screen 3 groups representing see that part of the screen will place the icons.
First activate the "edit mode" setting the slider to ON.
Then activate the groups you want and click on the drop down to select the items you want to see in each group.
Finally put the slider to OFF to save your changes.

The second assistant of MixMyBar is MixMyBar dragdrop:

Check the MixMyBar DragDrop box and click "Config"
In this wizard simply have to drag and drop the elements into the desired position of the bar
and save your changes by clicking on the "Save" icon.
If you made a mistake in positioning some elements, just drag it to the trash.

I want to know what are the changes in each release!

That is simple, go to the tab "Information" and select "Change log" this will load the list of updates from the Internet.
Changes are ordered chronologically.
If a new version is in development here is where you can see it.
It is important to always enjoy the latest version of the app.


just some usefull tips

How to create custom themes

Are you good at designing? Want to make your own theme for Super Status Bar?
Well, just follow this simple tutorial, you don't need to know anything about programming!
You only design the icons and we take care of the rest!
Click here for more info

How to use custom carrier images

First, you need to save your custom icons, with your file app move them to the following:


The image you want to use at the moment is to be renamed "carrier".
Each time you change it just turn off SSB and turn back on to apply changes.
To activate them you only need to open Super Status Bar then go to Elements -> Carrier and select Use sdcard image.

How to use 3rd party text fonts

"Super Status Bar" brings several default text fonts.
But if you would like to add your own this is how you have to do:
All you need is to put your text fonts (only accepted .TTF type) on:


Now you just have to go back to the app and, when you go to select a text font,
your custom fonts has also added to the list will be loaded and you can use them.